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Our Farm

Attar FieldThis is our field. Our field holds a dream that has been in the seedling stage ever since we first bought Attar. It has just been awaiting the right time to sprout. We are thrilled to announce that the time is now.

Our FieldThis field is at times hot and tranquil, at times foggy and mysterious and still yet at others it is bursting with a dance of grasshoppers, butterflies and bees. Our field is always a source of beauty, wonder and perfection. Filled with wildflowers, deer,  porcupines and at times some visiting cows, it is home to so many. With anticipated excitement we are in the beginning stages of planning Attar's future culinary and medicinal growing gardens and fields. We foresee Organic Catnip, Elderberry Trees, Lavender and much more. Time  will tell. We'll keep you posted via the newsletter of our progress and setbacks, triumphs and tribulations. If we have learned nothing in business and life, it is all a wild and crazy adventure and we best hold on and enjoy it!