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Our Story


In the Fall of 2010 we walked into a shop called Attar Herbs & Spices. Erik and I fell in love at first sniff. When we walked out we realized we had just met our destiny. A month later we were signing papers to purchase the business from Dick Martin. It has been an incredible journey these past 6 years learning the ins and outs of what it takes to grow a business and grow a family, at the same time. We are blessed with an incredibly supportive and hands-on family, family-like customers and an uber-talented and skilled staff. We feel truly blessed. This year we are looking towards the horizon and thankful for what the future will bring as we envision our first culinary and medicinal herbs growing in our fields.


In 1967 the seed for Attar Herbs & Spices was planted by Dick Martin, a young ethnobotanist studying at Harvard. Armed with his passion for plants and a hefty spice-filled briefcase, Dick created the business, Attar Herbs & Spices and began educating people about plants, their origins and their benefits. Attar, which means the essence of the plant or flower, grew into a small health food store and sold via mail order throughout New England. Dick and his wife grew the business for 45 years and were true pioneers in creating New England's first and foremost supplier of Herbs, Botanicals and Essential Oils.